Energy efficiency Features for May 2009

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Renewables and the smart grid Renewables and the smart grid

Has the world's largest energy consumer finally realised that energy shortages and price spikes are truly the norm, not the exception? If so, the Smart Grid could push the energy revolution forward, reports Eric Miller, Chief Solutions Officer at Trilliant.

The US utility and decoupling

US electric utility companies have historically depended on overall revenue growth to increase profits. The more electrons the utility sold, the more profit it would earn.But is growth the way in the climate change era? Don C. Smith considers the utilities dilemma and explores one tool- decoupling- that deserves serious consideration as a way to provide more energy efficiency incentives.

Reasons to be cheerful for the renewable energy sector

Despite the continuing distressing news on the economy, the renewable energy sector has had some cheer of late, particularly in wind. At the New Energy Finance Summit on 5 March 2009, NEF's CEO Michael Liebrich discussed 7 positives. Most important for the wind industry: new financing sources, rising oil prices as the economy recovers and US $10 billion in stimulus packages from governments in the next 3 years, with a substantial part for renewable energy deployment.