Energy infrastructure Features for July 2009

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US Senate committee finds it tough going US Senate committee finds it tough going

Like the house, the US senate is also pushing forward with a renewable electricity standard (RES) as part of its Energy Bill. Sen. Jeff Bingaman, chairman of the senate energy committee, had to reduce the res to 15% by 2021, to get enough votes to pass the provision and include it in the broader energy bill the committee passed. Steve Barlas reports.

Can landscape architects aid wind development?

How important is a landscape architect to wind energy development? Richard Foote accompanies RSK Environment on a confidential project in the UK to find out.

Solar mapping: demystifying solar potential

Talk to anyone and they'll tell you in principle they think solar energy is a good idea. But we haven't harnessed it for conversion to electricity utnil fairly recently and even today barriers still exist that -prevent solar energy entering the mainstream. But could solar mapping help bring the technology further into the public domain?

Intersolar 2009 report

Held in Munich from 27 May through 29 May, the Annual Intersolar tradeshow at 100,000 square metres and over 1400 exhibitors remains the standard for tradeshows in the global solar industry.

Rise of the superconductor

Could superconductors transform the economics of wind power?