Energy infrastructure Features for May 2009

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Renewables and the smart grid Renewables and the smart grid

Has the world's largest energy consumer finally realised that energy shortages and price spikes are truly the norm, not the exception? If so, the Smart Grid could push the energy revolution forward, reports Eric Miller, Chief Solutions Officer at Trilliant.

Can CSP and wind coexist? Can CSP and wind coexist?

At present, installed wind capacity greatly exceeds that of solar.Can solar give wind a run for its money? Solar PV expert Paula Mints steps out into solar thermal territory to make the case for concentrating solar power (CSP)

Are electric vehicles here to stay? Are electric vehicles here to stay?

Has the electric vehicle (EV) arrived? More than a decade after General Motors introduced, then allegedly withdrew, a wildly popular electric vehicle from California and Arizona, the media are singing the praises of EVs. In real time though, Jon R Hickman reports that we need to keep our feet on the ground.

The US utility and decoupling

US electric utility companies have historically depended on overall revenue growth to increase profits. The more electrons the utility sold, the more profit it would earn.But is growth the way in the climate change era? Don C. Smith considers the utilities dilemma and explores one tool- decoupling- that deserves serious consideration as a way to provide more energy efficiency incentives.