Energy infrastructure Features for January 2009

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Economic stimulus in the USA Economic stimulus in the USA

Things appear to be moving fast in Washington, as President Obama already seems to be living up to his promise of supporting renewable energy development. But do those in the industry think his policies will work?

Wind turbine downtime and the O&M team

Could extended periods of wind turbine downtime be not just a problem of faulty turbines, rather on occasion also be down to the lack of expertise – and poor attitude – of wind turbine Operation and Maintenance (O&M) teams themselves?

Integrating renewables into US utility portfolios Integrating renewables into US utility portfolios

One of the most vexing challenges facing US utilities in integrating more renewable energy sources into their energy portfolios can be summed up in two words: improving transmission...

A long way to COP 15 A long way to COP 15

The Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC)'s Steve Sawyer takes stock of the achievements and failures of COP 14 in Poznan, and looks at what needs to be done before COP 15 in Copenhagen at the end of 2009.

Hydrogen production from renewables Hydrogen production from renewables

If we are to have a sustainable transportation infrastructure that includes hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, we must produce the energy carrier-hydrogen- in large quantities from clean, non-fossil energy sources, and that means from renewables. So exactly what options do we have to put us onto the clean hydrogen path and what challenges need to be overcome along the way?

The Obama Administration: prospects for alternative energy

Few expected an unknown first-term senator to become a US presidential candidate, much less be elected in November 2008. Despite this remarkable achievement, many wonder whether winning was the easy part. Don C Smith, US Policy correspondent for Renewable Energy Focus, considers Barack Obama's election and looks in depth at what the new administration may mean for the alternative energy sector.