Wave and tidal energy Features for June 2008

Wave and tidal energy Features Archive

SeaGen tidal installation moves forward SeaGen tidal installation moves forward

What's new on the offshore wind and marine project front? Adam Westwood brings us up to date with the latest developments including the news that Marine Current Turbines has successfully completed the first installation phase of the 1.2 MW SeaGen tidal system in Strangford Narrows, Northern Ireland.

Ocean energy: technology basics Ocean energy: technology basics

Among the family of renewable energy technologies, ocean energy is the least developed, with just a few MW in operation worldwide. Nevertheless, companies predominantly in Europe, the USA, Canada, are developing a dizzying array of technologies to try and exploit the vast kinetic and potential energy of the world's oceans. Government support is strongest in Europe, but a number of projects are at various stages of development in the US and Canada.

Australia: ready for renewable investment Australia: ready for renewable investment

Despite having renewable resources that some countries can only dream of, Australia's antipathy towards the Kyoto Protocol- not to mention its vast sources of coal- have contrived to give it something of an image problem amongst clean energy investors. This has made it difficult for the country to be seen as financially viable when it comes to renewables investment. But with the new administration that has addressed the Kyoto question, could times be changing? Invest Victoria's Ben Foskett gives a perspective from the State of Victoria and ISES President Monica Oliphant reports back from Adelaide's Solar Cities 2008 Congress.