Bioenergy Features for June 2011

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Step on the biogas Step on the biogas

Reliable data on technical systems, supply of raw materials and profitability are critical when securing finance for the development of biogas plants

“Most people don't understand biomass…” “Most people don't understand biomass…”

Bioenergy has the potential to provide renewable heat, electricity and transport fuel the world over, but controversy has dogged the technology's development, especially in recent times. So what is the industry doing to redress this?

Forget storing carbon – re-use it: CO2 to methanol Forget storing carbon – re-use it: CO2 to methanol

A company in Iceland is turning CO2 into methanol to power cars

Renewable energy project monitor Renewable energy project monitor

June 2011: Our new column, written by the Energy Industries Council (EIC), reports on the latest renewable energy projects and key project developments – from Brazil to Zambia.