Bioenergy Features for December 2008

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Focus on Anaerobic Digestion Focus on Anaerobic Digestion

Energy from Waste (EfW) is increasingly being seen as something of a silver bullet solution to enable less organic waste to be sent to landfill, as well as deliver cleaner energy. George Marsh looks at a technology that is revolutionising the possibilities for organic waste – Anaerobic Digestion

Case study: biogas harvest for US farm Case study: biogas harvest for US farm

Farmers around the world are showing increased interest in Anaerobic Digesters, as a result of higher energy and fertiliser prices, the growing costs of complying with waste disposal legislation in many countries and the continuing need to diversify in order to maintain farm incomes. One dairy farm in the USA is using the technology to produce electricity, heat and bedding for animals.

Biomass in the USA

Will the USA be able to count on large amounts of biomass energy in the next few decades? Some reports and organizations are more bullish than others, discovers Lyn Corum.