Bioenergy Features for June 2008

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Tapping into the power of energy from waste Tapping into the power of energy from waste

Old paradigms are being transformed and reshaped as alternative, sustainable solutions to meet the world's growing energy needs. This challenge is being fuelled in part by expanding economies of both China and India, coupled with issues of global warming, energy security and depleting resources of fossil fuels. One leading energy from waste (EfW) player, Covanta, looks to what extent EfW technology could really play a role.

Australia: ready for renewable investment Australia: ready for renewable investment

Despite having renewable resources that some countries can only dream of, Australia's antipathy towards the Kyoto Protocol- not to mention its vast sources of coal- have contrived to give it something of an image problem amongst clean energy investors. This has made it difficult for the country to be seen as financially viable when it comes to renewables investment. But with the new administration that has addressed the Kyoto question, could times be changing? Invest Victoria's Ben Foskett gives a perspective from the State of Victoria and ISES President Monica Oliphant reports back from Adelaide's Solar Cities 2008 Congress.