Wind power Features for November 2011

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Finance for wind farms Finance for wind farms

When it comes to financing a wind farm there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Tailoring the right funding structure for a wind development depends on where in the world you plan to build, what scale of project you have in mind, and whether it's a purely private or community endeavour.

The challenge of wind turbine blade repair The challenge of wind turbine blade repair

WITH A growing number of composite wind turbine blades now in service, rotor blade maintenance is becoming a major issue. George Marsh looks at the techniques used to inspect and repair blades, and experiences first hand a new system designed to speed up the repair process.

Greening the Appalachians Greening the Appalachians

A GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION system (GIS) has been developed as a first step towards an integrated support system, which will study the impact of investments in renewable energy. It is being used in the greater southern Appalachian U.S. mountain region, which currently gets over 83% of its energy from coal.