Wind power Features for June 2011

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A plan to succeed for wind power A plan to succeed for wind power

Securing the green light for a wind farm is one of the biggest challenges any developer will face. So how can developers give themselves the best chance?

Innovation in wind development Innovation in wind development

Despite tricky times of late, innovations in aerodynamics, drive train and intelligent operation – should help drive the cost of wind energy back down again.

Mexico wind project gets Obama seal of approval Mexico wind project gets Obama seal of approval

Setting up operations in a new country is always a risk, especially in the emerging markets. Mexico, in Latin America, is one such market, but an increasing number of companies are now active there – including EDF Energy and Clipper Windpower.

Grid connection conundrum Grid connection conundrum

As the UK's Round 3 projects gain momentum and move wind turbines further offshore, developers need to improve how they will connect their wind farms to the grid. So where will all the cable come from?

A higher height data wakeup call A higher height data wakeup call

In the wind power industry, reaching higher isn’t just a nice metaphor for achievement. It’s the industry’s future. The reach for steady, reliable, low-shear wind at hub heights of 80 m and above is the reach for success in the marketplace. Without that steadiness and reliability, wind power struggles to compete with more dependable – if mortally flawed – fossil fuels. Susan Giordano at Second Wind explains the importance of accurate wind measurements.

Renewable energy project monitor Renewable energy project monitor

June 2011: Our new column, written by the Energy Industries Council (EIC), reports on the latest renewable energy projects and key project developments – from Brazil to Zambia.