Wind power Features for July 2009

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Snapshot: Spain in a nutshell

José Luis Briceño, director of Industry and Technology at the Trade Commission of Spain gives us some facts and figures from Spain’s renewables sector

Options for micro-wind generation: part 2

Predicting real-time energy yields is critical to ensuring that urban wind turbines are designed, constructed and installed in the most viable manner. In the second of a series of three articles on urban wind energy, Bill Holdsworth looks at predicting the energy yield, and architectural solutions.

"Yes to RES": US wind industry rallies in Chicago

Steve Sawyer reports back from some notable events, including the second (of 6) negotiating sessions leading up to the UNFCCC cop 15 in Copenhagen, where the world is supposed to agree a new comprehensive global agreement to combat climate change …

Can landscape architects aid wind development?

How important is a landscape architect to wind energy development? Richard Foote accompanies RSK Environment on a confidential project in the UK to find out.

Rise of the superconductor

Could superconductors transform the economics of wind power?