Wind power Features for May 2009

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Marine energy can balance intermittency of renewables Marine energy can balance intermittency of renewables

With increasing use of renewables in the electricity sector, overcoming the intermittency of for example wind and solar is key. James Tipping and Duncan Sinclair at UK energy consultancy Redpoint Energy investigate the use of marine energy to combat intermittency.

Can CSP and wind coexist? Can CSP and wind coexist?

At present, installed wind capacity greatly exceeds that of solar.Can solar give wind a run for its money? Solar PV expert Paula Mints steps out into solar thermal territory to make the case for concentrating solar power (CSP)

Reasons to be cheerful for the renewable energy sector

Despite the continuing distressing news on the economy, the renewable energy sector has had some cheer of late, particularly in wind. At the New Energy Finance Summit on 5 March 2009, NEF's CEO Michael Liebrich discussed 7 positives. Most important for the wind industry: new financing sources, rising oil prices as the economy recovers and US $10 billion in stimulus packages from governments in the next 3 years, with a substantial part for renewable energy deployment.