Wind power Features for April 2009

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The importance of wind forecasting The importance of wind forecasting

With the recent and continued increase in wind power, the challenge is clear: how can the energy industry integrate this intermittent power source into the electricity grid? Jeff Lerner, Michael Grundmeyer and Matt Garvert of 3TIER make the case for better forecasting.

Investing in wind power

Understanding the fundamentals of the wind energy industry, and its past successes and failures, is key to investing in wind power and making profits in the sector. Nick Hodge, co-author of a new book that helps investors invest in the renewable energy sector, takes a look at the risks and opportunities associated with investing in wind power.

Global wind industry statistics 2008

How much wind power was installed, and where, in 2008? In total, global wind energy capacity surged by 28.8% - another record year for new installations. The United States passed Germany to become the number one market in wind power, and China’s total capacity doubled for the fourth year in a row.