Solar electricity Features for September 2014

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Focus: Interview Focus: Interview

Renewable Energy focus magazine caught up with Tristan Fischer, CEO of renewable energy developer Lumicity Ltd. Topics included Lumicity’s massive project to retrofit biomass heating systems for Bernard Matthews’ turkey farms as well as the general benefits of biomass heat.

Renewables in smart grids: Part II Renewables in smart grids: Part II

In the first installment of this feature, REFocus contributor Cristina Brooks discussed the basics of smart metering in relation to energy storage. Part II delves into greater detail, comparing grid and energy storage issues and metering concepts in California, Sweden and Canada.

Renewables in smart grids: Part I Renewables in smart grids: Part I

REFocus contributor Cristina Brooks discusses the impact of smart metering on the penetration of renewables, taking into account trends on both sides of the pond. Brooks also examines how solar PV and wind generators are preparing for the changes that smart metering will bring to distribution.