Events & Training for March 2016

World Smart Energy Week 2016: Tokyo

02 March 2016 - 04 March 2016

COMPRISING: • 12th International Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Expo (FC Expo 2016) • 9th International Photovoltaic Power Generation Expo (PV Expo 2016) • 7th International Photovoltaic Power Generation System Expo (PV System Expo 2016) • 7th International Rechargeable Battery Expo (Battery Japan 2016) • 6th International Smart Grid Expo • 6th Eco House & Eco Building Expo • 4th International Wind Energy Expo & Conference (Wind Expo 2016) • 2nd Energy Market Liberalisation Expo • 1st International Biomass Expo

Tokyo, Japan

The Commercialisation of Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology

15 March 2016

Showcasing UK and international projects, programmes and policies in mobile, stationary and storage applications of hydrogen and fuel cell technology

NEC, Birmingham, UK

CSP Focus China 2016 – Solar Thermal Electricity & Industrial Application

24 March 2016 - 25 March 2016

Beijing, China

Intersolar Summit USA East

24 March 2016

In the eastern U.S. solar and energy storage markets — New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts — the opportunity for growth is expected to be a banner year in 2016. Intersolar’s Summit USA East 2016 is your chance to get connected with the U.S. East Coast solar industry.

Brooklyn, NewYork, USA