Waste & Hazard Walk Workbook

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The Waste & Hazard Walk is a systematic facility tour which looks for ways to improve productivity and safety, with a specific focus on industrial supplies and personal protective equipment (PPE). This free download outlines how your company could benefit from a Waste & Hazard Walk.

Lean has transformed manufacturing. All over the world, organisations have
stripped out unnecessary steps in production and eliminated sources of waste,
to deliver greater value more efficiently.

But if you think all the fat has been trimmed, think again. There’s a new front in the war on waste, and it centres on Lean supplies – where industrial provisioning and PPE can affect Lean performance.

What can you expect from this Workbook?

This Workbook from Kimberly-Clark Professional looks at the kinds of questions that get asked on a Waste & Hazard Walk, gives you an idea of what you can expect from a Walk, and outlines why you should take one.

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