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  • Advanced Conversion: Maximising the Potential for Energy from Waste
    One of the most readily-available and viable solutions to help address the challenge of our growing energy needs is Energy-from-Waste (EfW) – which has the potential to take a multitude of waste streams (such as municipal solid waste) and convert them into energy. We look at how modern techniques can make the technology more efficient.
  • Sustainability in bioenergy
    Biomass is a very versatile resource that can be used to produce heat, electricity, transport fuels and a range of chemicals and materials. It is used in all these applications today, and its future demand is estimated to grow substantially.
  • Wind: Does the cost per kilowatt hour outweigh the benefit?”
    In an increasingly difficult economic climate, with consumers facing increasingly high bills for their electricity, there is a clear demand from many international governments for increasing alternative means of energy supply to the grid.
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  • India’s transmission travails
    India is erecting a $7 billion ‘Green Energy Corridor’, which is aimed at streamlining the constricted evacuation of electricity produced from renewable sources. Sarosh Bana reports.
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  • UK businesses remain doubtful on Government's energy policy
    A new npower poll reveals just how sceptical businesses are by the effectiveness and impact of the Government’s energy policies, particularly on renewables. Wayne Mitchell, head of commercial and industrial markets at npower, elaborates.
  • Renewable Power Generation 2013 Renewable Power Generation 2013
    This special Renewable Energy Focus power generation report reviews the latest REMIPEG (Renewable Electricity Market, Installed Power and Annual Electricity Generation) report, carried out in the first half year of 2014 and presenting an overview for the status of the renewable energy market through the end of 2013.
  • Focus: Interview Focus: Interview
    Renewable Energy focus magazine caught up with Tristan Fischer, CEO of renewable energy developer Lumicity Ltd. Topics included Lumicity’s massive project to retrofit biomass heating systems for Bernard Matthews’ turkey farms as well as the general benefits of biomass heat.
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