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  • Advanced Conversion: Maximising the Potential for Energy from Waste
    One of the most readily-available and viable solutions to help address the challenge of our growing energy needs is Energy-from-Waste (EfW) – which has the potential to take a multitude of waste streams (such as municipal solid waste) and convert them into energy. We look at how modern techniques can make the technology more efficient.
  • Sustainability in bioenergy
    Biomass is a very versatile resource that can be used to produce heat, electricity, transport fuels and a range of chemicals and materials. It is used in all these applications today, and its future demand is estimated to grow substantially.
  • Wind: Does the cost per kilowatt hour outweigh the benefit?”
    In an increasingly difficult economic climate, with consumers facing increasingly high bills for their electricity, there is a clear demand from many international governments for increasing alternative means of energy supply to the grid.
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  • Renewables in smart grids: Part II Renewables in smart grids: Part II
    In the first installment of this feature, REFocus contributor Cristina Brooks discussed the basics of smart metering in relation to energy storage. Part II delves into greater detail, comparing grid and energy storage issues and metering concepts in California, Sweden and Canada.
  • Spotlight on BIPV Spotlight on BIPV
    REF contributor Andrew Mourant discusses the science and the economics for building-integrated photovoltaic projects.
  • Time is ripe for 'off-grid' solar Time is ripe for 'off-grid' solar
    The growing demand for on-grid power could serve as a boost for off-grid solar, particularly in developing countries, where the cost of rolling grid connections into many rural areas can be prohibitive. Andrew Moore, international sales director for Antaris Solar UK, explains.
  • Focus: Interview Focus: Interview
    Renewable Energy Focus magazine caught up with Mark MacCracken, CEO of CALMAC Manufacturing Corporation, a leader in thermal energy storage systems and equipment. Topics include recently concluded CALMAC thermal storage installations as well as broader green building construction trends.
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