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By Nick Ni – Verde LLC, Massachusetts, USA Renewable energy has grown at a dramatic rate in recent years. The US Energy Information Administration has recently reported that renewable energy sources provided 9.81% of US energy consumption and 11.82% of domestic energy productio ...
Posted 31 October 2013 by Steve Barrett
By Nick Ni – Verde LLC, Massachusetts, USA The concept of fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) has been promoted for several years. Compared to conventional vehicles, fuel cell powered vehicles generate zero greenhouse gas emissions and air pollutants at point-of-use. In addition, they can gre ...
Posted 19 September 2013 by Steve Barrett
Around this time of year everyone and their dog does a review of the year just gone, or a preview for the year to come, often in the form of a ‘Top 10’. Even so, it’s interesting to see what analysts at Pike Research highlight in a white paper that identifies the 10 most notable a ...
Posted 30 January 2013 by Steve Barrett
In the last week, a British company (Air Fuel Synthesis) introduced us to a potential breakthrough piece of technology which can create petrol using just air and electricity. One major benefit of this generated fuel is that it can be used in many of our transport options with no adaptation required. ...
Posted 29 October 2012 by Gail Rajgor
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