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Mobile solar farm plan to power events


Over the last 10 years the events sector has exploded. Every weekend in the UK throughout the summer the public can choose from a variety of festivals, old and new, large and small, and operating on many different ethos.

As the green movement has grown organisers have started to consider the damage being caused by their events and are now making informed decisions based on this. Providing infrastructure for this growing industry has produced many large successful companies, some of which are now trying to cut their considerable carbon footprints at the behest of event organisers.

Running a large open air event requires a huge amount of electricity. This is usually provided by large, noisy diesel generators providing between 10KVA and 50KVA each. Some of these are now running on specialist biodiesel systems and have less impact on our environment but cost more to hire.

At Symbiant Power we believe we can replace a diesel generator with a mobile solar farm and deep cycle battery bank capable of operating at the same level as a 20KVA diesel generator. This size would be the typical size to run a small stage but could be used in a variety of essential applications such as security or festoon lighting, production office power or providing power for markets.

Although the environmental benefits of replacing diesel generators with green energy are obvious there are more advantages to this, including providing a working example of the huge potential of modern renewable energy technology to the public for educational purposes.

While Symbiant Power would provide a for hire service, copying price per day of an equivalent generator, it would not be charging for fuel and that would represent a considerable saving for event organisers. Such a system would make a desirable resource for any event and increase its eco credentials.

The team at Symbiant Power are aiming to raise £40,000 via crowdfunding to allow us to begin developing the system fully and show how, as a society, we can move away from dangerous fossil fuel dependence whilst proving renewable energy technology can now provide power for almost any marketplace.


Luke Sherwood owns Symbiant Power, provider of mobile renewable energy services for events.


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Posted 24/09/2015 by Libi Israeli

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